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47 19:468 months ago

I'm not clear. Are you saying at one time, god decreed that gays should be killed, but then, later, he said they shouldn't be? What does that say about your god?

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Dotilar 8 months ago
That's unfair..For How many hours you hv to stay?
Tojagore 7 months ago
Again with the condescending bullshit.
Mazurg 7 months ago
I'm also fine what's about your day???
Kegal 7 months ago
What do you call, unveiling?
Moogusar 7 months ago
Which means children after they're born.
Tygora 7 months ago
What political side did Jesus take.
Samuramar 6 months ago
So God the Children are even greater blasphemy?
Daira 6 months ago
Welcome to the Trump Channel. You'll enjoy it here.
Kalabar 6 months ago
Perhaps legally, certainly not biologically.
Tojatilar 6 months ago
Oh... like Militant Evangelical Fundamentalists.
Faur 5 months ago
How about 'the weather?'
Grogul 5 months ago
Take care sweetie ..
Dagis 5 months ago
Says the creature to the creator.
Tajind 5 months ago
Red Snapper would be my guess.
Moogumi 5 months ago
Gangbusters...cucumbers are doing great too.
Daitaur 5 months ago
Because He is the only God who is real.
Tusho 5 months ago
I better not comment here, you might get confused.
Kagajinn 4 months ago
Deliberately evil and cruel.
Shat 4 months ago
Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 17
Malamuro 4 months ago
I rest my case

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