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789 05:159 months ago

I never said you are not proud but why discount te place of mothers in the anishinaabe world view concerning OP.

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Nanos 8 months ago
It is a contradiction with: HE is all knowing.
Kazrataur 8 months ago
Rightleft. I agree with you.
Tocage 8 months ago
Always, Empress of the wood.
Mizil 8 months ago
Smart move...You'll love it..
Tokasa 8 months ago
Procreation came first. Asexual reproduction is much older.
Tule 7 months ago
Obama did try; and that's the point.
Zolora 7 months ago
I?m a Palomino man.
Nem 7 months ago
Perhaps Alex Jones shouldn't be on the air!
Nikojar 7 months ago
1 Keeping it to yourself.
Disar 7 months ago
Lmao. I?ll ask xD
Taukinos 6 months ago
Or he is a Russian troll.
Zulkijin 6 months ago
No one deserves hell. Not even serial killers.
Morr 6 months ago
You don't know what you just said?
Kigajar 6 months ago
They're my favorite kind of word.
Arashigal 6 months ago
That sums it up well!
Nijar 6 months ago
What's sexy? You're looking at it ??????
Faezshura 5 months ago
Are you using disqus on pc or lapi?
Gutaxe 5 months ago
Do you declare it as fact, or as speculation?
Taujinn 5 months ago
Democrats haven't changed since the 60s.
Zolorn 5 months ago
Very ugly fake ass...
Faur 4 months ago
Oh really? How so!
Doutilar 4 months ago
I can say it without fear of contraception.
Vudok 4 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Shaktilkis 4 months ago
Thanks. I think the same about you. :)
Fauhn 4 months ago
Doubt it. Haven't watched this in forever.
Kajikazahn 4 months ago
The Gravy Train is coming to a halt.

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