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789 05:1511 months ago

I never said you are not proud but why discount te place of mothers in the anishinaabe world view concerning OP.

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Nanos 11 months ago
It is a contradiction with: HE is all knowing.
Kazrataur 11 months ago
Rightleft. I agree with you.
Tocage 10 months ago
Always, Empress of the wood.
Mizil 10 months ago
Smart move...You'll love it..
Tokasa 10 months ago
Procreation came first. Asexual reproduction is much older.
Tule 10 months ago
Obama did try; and that's the point.
Zolora 9 months ago
I?m a Palomino man.
Nem 9 months ago
Perhaps Alex Jones shouldn't be on the air!
Nikojar 9 months ago
1 Keeping it to yourself.
Disar 9 months ago
Lmao. I?ll ask xD
Taukinos 9 months ago
Or he is a Russian troll.
Zulkijin 8 months ago
No one deserves hell. Not even serial killers.
Morr 8 months ago
You don't know what you just said?
Kigajar 8 months ago
They're my favorite kind of word.
Arashigal 8 months ago
That sums it up well!
Nijar 8 months ago
What's sexy? You're looking at it ??????
Faezshura 8 months ago
Are you using disqus on pc or lapi?
Gutaxe 7 months ago
Do you declare it as fact, or as speculation?
Taujinn 7 months ago
Democrats haven't changed since the 60s.
Zolorn 7 months ago
Very ugly fake ass...
Faur 7 months ago
Oh really? How so!
Doutilar 7 months ago
I can say it without fear of contraception.
Vudok 6 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Shaktilkis 6 months ago
Thanks. I think the same about you. :)
Fauhn 6 months ago
Doubt it. Haven't watched this in forever.
Kajikazahn 6 months ago
The Gravy Train is coming to a halt.

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