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830 07:009 months ago

If i was single id probably say gal gadot, catherine zeta-jones and zoe saldana but currently and forward there is only one option for me to smash or marry ??

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Brall 9 months ago
In this case, they are.
Akishakar 9 months ago
Agreed, i.e. don't discriminate.
Darr 9 months ago
It usually involves me getting in trouble.
Vudomi 9 months ago
Corporations didn't fight in the revolutionary war...
Shaktidal 9 months ago
Nope, they verified his bigotry
Molkis 8 months ago
It's getting a bit raggedy.
Kazirisar 8 months ago
Even that child Kim Jong Un outsmarted him.
Doura 8 months ago
The plans are openly available...yes...
Dailrajas 8 months ago
Walkaway is a hoax.
Jull 8 months ago
is that a serious response?
Gorr 7 months ago
??????Ok, ok I'll leave you alone. Sorry!
Shakora 7 months ago
I hate your parents too.
Kajilabar 7 months ago
Good catch I think it is .
Jura 7 months ago
I check out the local news on the TV.
Bataxe 7 months ago
Another lecture in physics. Read slowly.
Fenrijin 6 months ago
Many Republicans are not as smart as their pets.
Kazshura 6 months ago
Don't confuse me with facts.
Tojam 6 months ago
BY RON GALLAGHER [email protected]
Mugal 6 months ago
Why should I restate everything I stated before?
Akinolkis 6 months ago
True. Not in Missouri unfortunately.
Nilabar 6 months ago
ain't it the truth.
Goltihn 5 months ago
It's a pre-emptive law.
Akinosida 5 months ago
Most welcome, M. :)
Shakalabar 5 months ago
The Religion: Bound to Believe paper from Nature:
Grobei 5 months ago
The first three don't point to a god.

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