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634 07:248 months ago

Are you saying you believe Then telling me to look up belief as if it were previously explained? If mistaken i apologize but thats not even close to your actual post .

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Voodoojar 8 months ago
Have a Good day Man
Dodal 8 months ago
There is nor ever was scientific proof.
Samukasa 8 months ago
Your strawman is as
Voodoogami 7 months ago
this one's for you Spanner
Torn 7 months ago
You are welcome to your opinion.
Moogutaxe 7 months ago
Kudos to "The Faction" and this Channel.
Mekus 7 months ago
you just lied about Bill Clinton.
Voodoodal 6 months ago
You're Far-Left aren't you?
Zulkigul 6 months ago
Eve was punished for going against God's commands.
Tojaktilar 6 months ago
Since you are too lazy to read the link.
Vishura 6 months ago
Ah, you mean separate rather than unique?
Shakataxe 6 months ago
Answering the atheists side:
Akinozuru 5 months ago
Some things we should be hostile toward.
Duzshura 5 months ago
Now this process is reversed.
Nikree 5 months ago
Since when is speculation evidence?
Fenriramar 5 months ago
Also, what is my side?
Kinris 5 months ago
portable power tools...good one
Yozshuzshura 5 months ago
Then you should have no problem proving it.
Akinojinn 5 months ago
Is there a answer for everything?
Tojalkis 5 months ago
More like a Trump University grad.
Akinoran 4 months ago
I forgot about those guys.

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