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447 01:12:307 months ago

The old answer is your freedom ends where my freedom begins. Your right to swing your fist where ever you want ends where my nose is for instance.

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Sam 7 months ago
Madison addressed the "general welfare" issue quite well.
Groll 6 months ago
tot jamie was joking
Fenrinos 6 months ago
Then why did you show from above angle !!!!
Arashinris 6 months ago
Again, pagan according to which definition?
Tygojinn 6 months ago
I know. I hear the rattle.
Nikozahn 6 months ago
Do you seriously think that God has a p*nis?
Mazujas 5 months ago
And speaking of danger:
Dourg 5 months ago
Oh enemy is here??????
Tubei 5 months ago
Artificial, as opposed to Actual Intelligence?
Gardale 5 months ago
OOOOH! A Mod breaking the rules, now. Name calling?
Kataur 5 months ago
Yes, it actually IS a right.
Mozil 5 months ago
Sure, if you ignore multiple lines of evidence.
Kelkree 4 months ago
Your two statements can be in conflict.
Tygorr 4 months ago
A couple of corrections.
Nazuru 4 months ago
The ones not breeding are the liberals.
Malabar 4 months ago
Irony is utterly lost on him.
Fejora 4 months ago
Once again he isn't ordering anyone.
Fautaur 4 months ago
You didn?t say that, Sam did.
Banos 3 months ago
Oh yeah they do
Shaktigami 3 months ago
I want that bumper sticker.
Kisida 3 months ago
His brother is another piece of work.????????????
Goltigis 3 months ago
Manafort doesn?t have any money
Fem 3 months ago
Anger mismanagement on steroids.
Vudoramar 3 months ago
No the answer is MORE WITCHES ;)
Mugis 2 months ago
It's not an act.
Jujora 2 months ago
What's the debate about.all these centuries? Circumstantial suggests truth.
Tojaramar 2 months ago
What you posted is called Truth or Wisdom?
Kile 2 months ago
Christians: world champions in cherry picking.
Akinom 2 months ago
Can't we just start playing the game? :D

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