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444 05:055 months ago

This was Iran before it was F*ed up by UK & US

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Faelabar 5 months ago
You are older than me.
Mukree 5 months ago
Which one LL or hungry?
Tozahn 4 months ago
Are they? Is this what you are referring to?
Malalrajas 4 months ago
It's not that easy.
Gardarn 4 months ago
seriously? I suppose republican women would be fine, right?
Yora 4 months ago
Good white Protestant breeding stock.
Goltigor 4 months ago
Stick around. You?ll get the hang of it!
Dailkree 3 months ago
Exactly. Family dinner doesn't happen that often
Sagar 3 months ago
Well, yeah..why not have it We have cornfields.
Shazil 3 months ago
Check my answer below to the wise genius
Zolotaur 3 months ago
You can carry it by yourself while running?
Arashikazahn 3 months ago
Thanks for that....but still... da creepies
Kazilar 2 months ago
Ick. I had no idea.
Shakalkree 2 months ago
It's time for people to stop giving them money,
Malajas 2 months ago
Bridge on the River Kwai.
Kazrak 2 months ago
We here at PTC totally agree with you.
Garamar 2 months ago
Don't let the backwood boogieman get you, ??
Goltigore 2 months ago
About what, Vaseline Boy?
Vugor 1 month ago
Great! what's up there
Zologis 1 month ago
Everything you said was wrong
JoJolkis 1 month ago
A rational human with a sense of humor?
Meztijar 1 month ago
How? How much water is underground?
Brakinos 1 month ago
Pan is an atheist.
Nekinos 4 weeks ago
Never works if your a fat head capitalist.
Shakora 3 weeks ago
What nonsense you write.
Tojas 1 week ago
Odd that your mind would go to "nambla".

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