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444 05:0511 months ago

This was Iran before it was F*ed up by UK & US

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Faelabar 11 months ago
You are older than me.
Mukree 11 months ago
Which one LL or hungry?
Tozahn 10 months ago
Are they? Is this what you are referring to?
Malalrajas 10 months ago
It's not that easy.
Gardarn 10 months ago
seriously? I suppose republican women would be fine, right?
Yora 10 months ago
Good white Protestant breeding stock.
Goltigor 10 months ago
Stick around. You?ll get the hang of it!
Dailkree 9 months ago
Exactly. Family dinner doesn't happen that often
Sagar 9 months ago
Well, yeah..why not have it We have cornfields.
Shazil 9 months ago
Check my answer below to the wise genius
Zolotaur 9 months ago
You can carry it by yourself while running?
Arashikazahn 9 months ago
Thanks for that....but still... da creepies
Kazilar 9 months ago
Ick. I had no idea.
Shakalkree 8 months ago
It's time for people to stop giving them money,
Malajas 8 months ago
Bridge on the River Kwai.
Kazrak 8 months ago
We here at PTC totally agree with you.
Garamar 8 months ago
Don't let the backwood boogieman get you, ??
Goltigore 8 months ago
About what, Vaseline Boy?
Vugor 7 months ago
Great! what's up there
Zologis 7 months ago
Everything you said was wrong
JoJolkis 7 months ago
A rational human with a sense of humor?
Meztijar 7 months ago
How? How much water is underground?
Brakinos 7 months ago
Pan is an atheist.
Nekinos 7 months ago
Never works if your a fat head capitalist.
Shakora 6 months ago
What nonsense you write.
Tojas 6 months ago
Odd that your mind would go to "nambla".

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