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So chastisement is the same as treating a servant like livestock grazing in fields and chains?

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Tygojora 8 months ago
The Christian god is really weird about that.
Vudosho 8 months ago
What friend do you speak of?
Akinolrajas 8 months ago
A free abortion should include (as mandatory) free sterilization.
Doumuro 8 months ago
I bet it was that bloody Andrew Snowden! Traitor!!
Dourn 7 months ago
Nothing as stupid as a drunken fool.
Dajora 7 months ago
Really the first thing?
Tygomuro 7 months ago
I was giving a compliment. Don't be so punchy
Shakus 7 months ago
Cabo wabo and Sammy Hagar?
Vudolmaran 7 months ago
Misleading headline. Key words: allow and taxpayer funded .
Akilrajas 7 months ago
Not mixing up a thing.
Nirr 6 months ago
Replied the killary losing leftist!!
Akilkree 6 months ago
Whatare u eating for lunch? Photo it! ????????
Zuluzragore 6 months ago
Did this question stump everyone?
Shajin 6 months ago
That's why we pay for his hired help.
Zura 5 months ago
I'm the one saying something about a language barrier.
Garn 5 months ago
So why did God create him?
Daijar 5 months ago kid is good as another. /s
Kijas 5 months ago
it's completely redundant (in my opinion).
Kell 5 months ago
You know how I roll bro????????????
Kigashakar 5 months ago
God, as an immaterial, eternal spirit, has no gender.

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