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I am Hindu. Quite comfortable with other Indic faiths. No issue if anyone follows other faiths to reach Godhead. Being a good person & doing good things matter much more to me than ascribing to any religion. Even if someone is Atheist, it does not matter, What matters is - following a moral & ethical lifestyle which does not impose anything on others / does not harm others. And yes, I need freedom in religious circle as well as the freedom to ask anything. Luckily my religion provides that.

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Akile 6 months ago
Dieu ne pactise pas avec les hommes.
Malajora 6 months ago
& I love those ppls
Fauk 6 months ago
Careful, Ascension, you're giving yourself away again.
Mikara 6 months ago
Grand Marigold Hotel? That was a pretty good movie.
Yozshusar 6 months ago
True. Not in Missouri unfortunately.
Doubei 6 months ago
But not my problem.
Vishakar 6 months ago
Democrats started the KKK! *drink*
Maubar 5 months ago
She tried to publish it before the election.
Faezil 5 months ago
RELIGION a set of rituals with several purposes:
Zulugar 5 months ago
I have two creators.
Nalar 5 months ago
File David Adams story in the government files
Kirg 5 months ago
I am right though.
Kagajas 4 months ago
You're changing the subject now. Why?
Tukus 4 months ago
You assume atheists can be logically debated?
Kazilkree 4 months ago
Your comment is off-topic.

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