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440 10:254 months ago

Yeah, I couldn't get passed the first 30 pages. I just didn't care what happened to Harry. I was really more interested in his family and how they got so warped, but the book left them behind pretty quick.

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Zululabar 4 months ago
unbiased? You even making that claim is scary.
Yolmaran 4 months ago
sad that you haven't a clue.
Togar 4 months ago
This gay Jewish Buddhist put it best
Yozshubei 4 months ago
The inability of students in institutions of higher
Mazum 4 months ago
This wasn't the action of a party.
Karan 4 months ago
You didn't answer the question.
Fenrizragore 4 months ago
There?s only one (1), actually.
Tauktilar 3 months ago
And the suspension of critical thought.
Takus 3 months ago
I couldn't put it any better.
Mirn 3 months ago
What? No President Oprah? /s
Ararn 3 months ago
Which I said before.
Kigazshura 2 months ago
I repeat my question.
Brataxe 2 months ago
You have to get the hat!
Mezim 2 months ago
Life of poverty? How do you know this?
Bakazahn 2 months ago
Yeah I lost :( ...
Tusar 2 months ago
NSA is still listening... Don't worry..
Digis 2 months ago
Hope you got a flight ticket out of it.
Yozshugul 1 month ago
He had nothing to to with it.
Grogar 1 month ago
How is it unconstitutional?

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