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440 10:2510 months ago

Yeah, I couldn't get passed the first 30 pages. I just didn't care what happened to Harry. I was really more interested in his family and how they got so warped, but the book left them behind pretty quick.

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Zululabar 10 months ago
unbiased? You even making that claim is scary.
Yolmaran 10 months ago
sad that you haven't a clue.
Togar 10 months ago
This gay Jewish Buddhist put it best
Yozshubei 10 months ago
The inability of students in institutions of higher
Mazum 10 months ago
This wasn't the action of a party.
Karan 10 months ago
You didn't answer the question.
Fenrizragore 10 months ago
There?s only one (1), actually.
Tauktilar 9 months ago
And the suspension of critical thought.
Takus 9 months ago
I couldn't put it any better.
Mirn 9 months ago
What? No President Oprah? /s
Ararn 9 months ago
Which I said before.
Kigazshura 8 months ago
I repeat my question.
Brataxe 8 months ago
You have to get the hat!
Mezim 8 months ago
Life of poverty? How do you know this?
Bakazahn 8 months ago
Yeah I lost :( ...
Tusar 8 months ago
NSA is still listening... Don't worry..
Digis 8 months ago
Hope you got a flight ticket out of it.
Yozshugul 7 months ago
He had nothing to to with it.
Grogar 7 months ago
How is it unconstitutional?

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