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This has been said a million time but fine. Lets say the ToE is wrong this in no way is confirmation or evidence for some other hypothesis. Creationist first need to formulate a hypothesis that can be falsified and tested then get it peer reviewed, build a consensus after repeated trials, predictions and experiments. If it passes all these it may get to a scientific theory. So lets say ToE is wrong. Do creationist have a hypothesis they can test?

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Kazrashura 9 months ago
They offered more positive coverage of Fidel Castro.
Vushura 9 months ago
Can you identify those Christians by name?
Yojas 9 months ago
Neither of you 2 are credible sources, though.
Sagor 8 months ago
Are you speculating they had one?
Gogul 8 months ago
Amen and God bless you for that reminder.
Gardagar 8 months ago
I lol'd to that quip as well.
Shakus 8 months ago
It starts like this:
Zujind 7 months ago
Okay. Which part was delusional?
Gogor 7 months ago
Sure, should be entertaining.
Fejar 7 months ago
You cannot be this unreal.
Vudonris 7 months ago
If someone is new, it helps build their reps.
Faumuro 7 months ago
Complete idiot I guess
Samuktilar 7 months ago
lol, you're funny! ; - )
Meztizuru 6 months ago
The Rasmussen has Trump at 48% today.
Akizuru 6 months ago
You and logic don't even have a casual acquaintance.
Dataxe 6 months ago
So taking steps to address
Kazranos 5 months ago
And also entirely true.
Meztishura 5 months ago
Nakus 5 months ago
Can you explain your last makes no sense.
Yotaur 5 months ago
Don't you have riot to go to?

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