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I know what that is and who they operate under. What police organization does not answer to government?

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Baramar 6 months ago
Post twice. Move that counter.
Kem 6 months ago
Now he?s hot ! ??
Tojazil 6 months ago
She crashed at my pad last night.
Bacage 6 months ago
From the mouth of the Son of Man.
Shaktiktilar 6 months ago
Fight back or at least press charges, p*ssy.
Akinolkree 5 months ago
Same logic, and same tragic view of God.
Vusida 5 months ago
Yup. Works for me.
Mojora 5 months ago
would you?? have you checked??
Zuktilar 5 months ago
Washington Times is not accepted? Why not?
Tygomi 5 months ago
Your proof that humans were intended for anything.
Ararn 5 months ago
Good grief is right.
Kigakasa 4 months ago
There are limits though. LOL!
Vudozragore 4 months ago
Oh Ghostieeeeeeee That's incredible!
Akizil 4 months ago
Because it makes no sense, son.
Samuhn 4 months ago
I'll work on that OP.
Kazijinn 4 months ago
I want Mayberry, Andy Griffith, Barney Fire, Opie....
Moogujind 4 months ago
Love those Antifa freaks
Taule 3 months ago
Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
Muktilar 3 months ago
You are spot on with you assessment, Jeff.
Akijind 3 months ago
spirits? What the heck is that?
Arashisar 3 months ago
ok? So diverting away from that are you .
Ferr 3 months ago
No, fascism is a right wing nationalist political philosophy.
Dulrajas 3 months ago
I gave them a week off.
Volabar 2 months ago
You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

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