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274 14:558 months ago

Gullable : A misspelling of gullible... most often used to trick people into searching the dictionary for it.

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Gukasa 7 months ago
evidence of a human creator?
Sat 7 months ago
Your poor English aside:
Zulkirr 7 months ago
Please review it once more.
Akibei 7 months ago
Sorry I didn't know Rules until I scrolled down
Tazshura 7 months ago
You seem like someone i know...
Shakasar 7 months ago
Nobody can read that. Or was that the point?
Daigore 6 months ago
Professional political assassins FTW!
Yozshukazahn 6 months ago
I do not need to.
Shagami 6 months ago
With Gal Gadot ! :-))
Samuran 6 months ago
Are you the nfl?
Tauzshura 6 months ago
He didn't before. Why should he now?
Samuzahn 6 months ago
Gotta love when fundamentalists argue over interpretations and beliefs.
Mozilkree 5 months ago
"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches."
Bralkis 5 months ago
That's Star Wars! WAY better fiction!
Vudole 5 months ago
Yeah I have the same concerns.
Taujinn 5 months ago
hi i am your mum
Gardajinn 5 months ago
Awwww such a cutie!
Gakora 4 months ago
Are you in Nigeria?
Gacage 4 months ago
This is my favorite food. It has 10 letters.
Dukree 4 months ago
The Hell with the NFL !
Taulkree 4 months ago
November is going to be a bloodbath. Can't wait!
Mugami 4 months ago
Combusting at "c" unsquared...
Nakree 3 months ago
Can I suggest you up your anti psychotic drugs?

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