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The only ones making this political are the right-wing deniers.

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Faele 4 months ago
That's clear then. Thanks.
Toshakar 4 months ago
In this case, they are.
Tusar 4 months ago
We should follow values of Human life.
Sara 4 months ago
Ha! But did you deserve it? :-)
Akinot 4 months ago
Hmmm, do crows fly?
Gak 4 months ago
Is Richard Dawkins a bigot?
Golkree 4 months ago
Yup, that's christianity in a nutshell.absolute nonsense.
Vibei 3 months ago
How would you know? Citation?
Nikoramar 3 months ago
to go to the bathroom...?
Shaktitilar 3 months ago
She did? Aunty Remm is the queen of memes!!!
Voramar 3 months ago
Okay. Did you get the point of my comment?
Zolorisar 3 months ago
You are aware the Trump loves you...right?
Mugul 3 months ago
Well, he's pizzing it away.
Mezik 2 months ago
Yeah. I need to kill some time :)
Mikalabar 2 months ago
Who?s Alex Jones and why should I care?
Arashigrel 2 months ago
My mother is my creator.
Voodoozragore 2 months ago
Then nobody is Sammy.
Zur 1 month ago
Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now
Tele 1 month ago
Im a piece of work? :)
Mejin 1 month ago
Sexy spy is one
Douzahn 1 month ago
Ok best of luck see you soon
Meztilrajas 1 month ago
Water World ...sheet movie but.....W
Voodootaur 1 month ago
That was a shot in the dark.
Fekazahn 3 weeks ago
Hey JB bit unwell headache :(
Ararn 2 weeks ago
If they consider them holy, they are holy.
Talmaran 1 week ago
I think it is Trump's fault, because everything is.
Galkree 2 days ago
21 more posts to 1k comments ...woot woot ??????

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