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if you love the Word of God you love Jesus Christ.

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Gok 10 months ago
Then they will have to try harder.
Jusar 10 months ago
@disqus_sLGL2SjQaz tagging myself worked lol
Kigagul 9 months ago
couldn't have said it better if you tried.
Kira 9 months ago
"Trade wars are good and easy to win"
Shakaktilar 9 months ago
So your answer to my query would be?
Kazragal 9 months ago
Heavy equipment gymastics... awesome
Bragami 9 months ago
Really? I often remember mine.
Malanris 9 months ago
All is one. No 'creation just IS IMVHO
Kigasida 9 months ago
No sign of love behind the tears
Maramar 8 months ago
That's interesting, but we're
Mezishakar 8 months ago
I tried but your name didn't come up
Gardazuru 8 months ago
Never watched Monty Python then?
Fenriktilar 8 months ago
You really need help?
Modal 7 months ago
Unlezzzzzz they scorn hockies...
Zuzil 7 months ago
...or she's just not into you.
Zukora 7 months ago
god is seeing this post rn
Dazuru 7 months ago
Kirby is the cutest! ??????????
Moogushura 7 months ago
So the more gibberish, the greater the truth.
Kazihn 7 months ago
Well, don't worry about that.
Dokora 7 months ago
Thanks, I hope you do too
JoJokasa 6 months ago
The only thing funnier would be"NiggaPLS".
Gagis 6 months ago
Maybe this also has comic value?
Gujinn 6 months ago
I have considered the possibility of being wrong.

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