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How ignorant to claim that your magical world of make believe should be seen as an equal way of thinking.

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Vudozragore 11 months ago
All three mothers should be charged with child abuse.
Kigam 11 months ago
And the walking labotomy speaks.
Fezil 11 months ago
Finally! Some common sense amongst idiocy
Vujora 10 months ago
Cool :) how was your night
Mar 10 months ago
Nothing much.. just talking to you.
Mauhn 10 months ago
What would your answers be?
Kigasho 10 months ago
I certainly hope so.
Doulkree 9 months ago
Their system is structured for democracy.
Akishakar 9 months ago
Nobody will ever approach God with their intellect.
Vulrajas 9 months ago
Is that what it sounded like I was saying?
Yozshugami 9 months ago
Anecdotes are not proof of anything. Statistics are.
Musar 9 months ago
Nail on the head...Good post.
Mukazahn 9 months ago
Look around. Plenty of them in here!
Mooguzil 9 months ago
Painting is far less complex than a universe.
Zushakar 8 months ago
Here's what I mean:
Kazralar 8 months ago
I find the Cosmological argument, Teleological argument, origins of
Kagor 8 months ago
Dunning Kruger is strong with you.
Mezibei 8 months ago
All ministers minister to the needs of the unfortunate.
Zulabar 8 months ago
Young, intelligent, multicultural voters are these dinosaurs worst nightmare.
Sharg 8 months ago
Welp, racist Trump will always have Yeezy.
Jusar 7 months ago
The get-to-know God method.
Dotilar 7 months ago
Hmmm, Fraser. How very first nations of you
Fenrilkis 7 months ago
As long as assimilation occurs.
Merg 7 months ago
Oort clouds are merely theoretical. Spare us your dishonesty.
Tygojind 7 months ago
I?m not a Liberal.
Tygokazahn 7 months ago
Yep, you have gone down the rabbit hole
Faegrel 7 months ago
Read Job. God doesn't torture Job, Satan does.

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