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How ignorant to claim that your magical world of make believe should be seen as an equal way of thinking.

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Vudozragore 9 months ago
All three mothers should be charged with child abuse.
Kigam 9 months ago
And the walking labotomy speaks.
Fezil 9 months ago
Finally! Some common sense amongst idiocy
Vujora 8 months ago
Cool :) how was your night
Mar 8 months ago
Nothing much.. just talking to you.
Mauhn 8 months ago
What would your answers be?
Kigasho 8 months ago
I certainly hope so.
Doulkree 7 months ago
Their system is structured for democracy.
Akishakar 7 months ago
Nobody will ever approach God with their intellect.
Vulrajas 7 months ago
Is that what it sounded like I was saying?
Yozshugami 7 months ago
Anecdotes are not proof of anything. Statistics are.
Musar 7 months ago
Nail on the head...Good post.
Mukazahn 7 months ago
Look around. Plenty of them in here!
Mooguzil 7 months ago
Painting is far less complex than a universe.
Zushakar 6 months ago
Here's what I mean:
Kazralar 6 months ago
I find the Cosmological argument, Teleological argument, origins of
Kagor 6 months ago
Dunning Kruger is strong with you.
Mezibei 6 months ago
All ministers minister to the needs of the unfortunate.
Zulabar 6 months ago
Young, intelligent, multicultural voters are these dinosaurs worst nightmare.
Sharg 6 months ago
Welp, racist Trump will always have Yeezy.
Jusar 5 months ago
The get-to-know God method.
Dotilar 5 months ago
Hmmm, Fraser. How very first nations of you
Fenrilkis 5 months ago
As long as assimilation occurs.
Merg 5 months ago
Oort clouds are merely theoretical. Spare us your dishonesty.
Tygojind 5 months ago
I?m not a Liberal.
Tygokazahn 5 months ago
Yep, you have gone down the rabbit hole
Faegrel 5 months ago
Read Job. God doesn't torture Job, Satan does.

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