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213 10:586 months ago

Hey love. Hope they come back and you guys talk again. I hope they read your comment!!

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Zut 6 months ago
Then my peg leg should make me golden, alright!
Sharr 6 months ago
She's a porn star
Kele 6 months ago
oh I see.....thank you for that info
Kazradal 6 months ago
Awwwwww?????? dem hearts doe ??????
Saramar 6 months ago
Hmmm, do crows fly?
Shaktir 6 months ago
So clearly they aren't saving.
Gardagrel 5 months ago
Sorry judge. Make your decision. Now enforce it.
Akinohn 5 months ago
Even if it was a sting, it doesn't matter
Meztitilar 5 months ago
Flying Eve and non earthly trees. Major imagination.
Tusho 5 months ago
The cuts for most firearms are not intricate
Kataur 5 months ago
I think she was filled with the Holy Spirit!
Kebei 4 months ago
Which parts of the Bible do Christians not believe?
Douzshura 4 months ago
Which means religion is a crutch to the needy.
Faegrel 4 months ago
It's the same parable nonetheless.
Kajicage 4 months ago
excellent presentation of the facts - Versimilitude
Brall 4 months ago
I simply asked a question, it's not a contest.
Zulutaxe 4 months ago
Guess who needs a course in elementary probability.
Magal 3 months ago
Welp, looks like I?m establishing my own sect then.
Mikazilkree 3 months ago
Man I know bro..I?m hungry as F? now ??????
Faekus 3 months ago
That is another assertion without proof.
Kazitaur 3 months ago
I don't believe in anything.
Meziramar 3 months ago
No cherry picking here.
Gardajind 3 months ago
"...for committing a sin...."
Tautilar 3 months ago
Again, then why do you advocate for ending pregnancies?

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