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Concerning whether scholars take it seriously any longer, there are many periodicals and journals in Philosophy or in Philosophy of Religion which, occasionally, still run articles that use it. Certainly, hard-copy reputable publications as _The Oxford Companion to Philosophy_ see fit to run a short article about it.

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Zuktilar 7 months ago
Truly excellent, especially in the manner that you presented
Vudojind 7 months ago
When did they EVER stop?
Kazralar 6 months ago
So all corporations ARE evil?
Tozragore 6 months ago
Quality isn't the same as i remember.
Zulkikus 6 months ago
We're still alive, brother!
Dousida 6 months ago
That's what Hitler said
Dailar 6 months ago
Nagore 6 months ago
I don't know that one.
Dik 6 months ago
We all know that will never happen.
Dajas 6 months ago
Did we really land on the moon?
Mooguran 5 months ago
non. The LORD is the SAME, ALWAYS!
Moogugor 5 months ago
Where is your proof of that?
Arashikus 5 months ago
How about the one up a few comments?
Voodooshicage 5 months ago
Thank you so much. :-)
Nikonos 5 months ago
Hey what up Chino

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