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508 05:016 months ago

Says the dude who is afraid to honestly answer a simple question.

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Shaktigor 6 months ago
"But, between crowd-sourcing and financial backing from outside political
Shakajas 5 months ago
Who cost us? Who are Adam and Eve?
JoJocage 5 months ago
I never depend on luck.
Tygole 5 months ago
Keerist I can"t draw a circle
Akir 5 months ago
All religions are about witchcraft
Zular 5 months ago
No big. I disagree with you a lot.
Shakalkree 5 months ago
one of my favorite
Dajas 5 months ago
Brilliant quote in there:
Kagakinos 4 months ago
And what are YOU to HIM?
Shashura 4 months ago
What do you mean by channel bashing spam?
Zuzuru 4 months ago
Currently m using the new phone...
Maushura 3 months ago
A cool pic of the soup
Nagami 3 months ago
Well, we don't need libtards like you... buh bye.
Tuzilkree 3 months ago
I posted the evidence about 10 times.
Yozshujar 3 months ago
My answer.... "your cowardice is obvious"
Groshakar 3 months ago
This guy is "pitching a tent" ( stiffy )
Vole 2 months ago
Doesn?t answer the question.
Kazrazil 2 months ago
No, I constructed logical proofs in mathematics.
Dilar 2 months ago
We'll see eh? :) ??????
Fenrihn 1 month ago
I'm still furious about this.
Mekree 1 month ago
I asked first, doll.
Goltikinos 1 month ago
Douggie get's things done.
Mimuro 1 month ago
You're right. Cucks and the religious ones, too stupid.
Vizragore 1 month ago
And, yes, we are surrounded by them.
Musida 1 month ago
Weasel is an appropriate descriptor for him.
Shakaktilar 4 weeks ago
They don't care. They exist in drugged delusions.

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