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760 05:0310 months ago

I can give or take Alex, I worried about the precedent this will set. Some people think hate speech is facts they don?t want to hear. Who decides what?s hate speech? To use Obama?s phrase, should the political winds shift, your speech might be deemed offensive or hateful, who will be there to fight for you?

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Nikus 10 months ago
I like that. ^
Shaktikus 10 months ago
OMG! First of all: Hugs!
Zulugul 9 months ago
Yet you have no response for Paul? Interesting.
Tygom 9 months ago
I edited my comment once I saw the quotations.
Zolomuro 9 months ago
Yep, they are just hateful bigotry and nothing more.
Nekinos 9 months ago
She needed a few BlTCH slappings lol!??
Akishakar 9 months ago
Building a spaceship sounds fun.
Sale 8 months ago
I got Wisdom Of God
Dolkis 8 months ago
What are you yammering about?
Dourr 8 months ago
I have made a clear argument.
Guran 8 months ago
...crow feathers and election results.
Akirn 8 months ago
He ain't heavy. right?
Doular 7 months ago
No! Say it ain't so.
Kazigrel 7 months ago
Caipirinahs. ?? Long Island Ice tea
Meztizil 7 months ago
"bit your hatred" ?
Yogore 7 months ago
Congress intended welfare for non-citizens?
Gajora 7 months ago
I doubt if such guys exists now...
Tygojinn 7 months ago
What Gun law are you talking of ?
Vishura 7 months ago
Jack frost ,, am i the winner?
Daishakar 6 months ago
And that's what makes your response unintelligible, Kleopussy.

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