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596 05:1711 months ago

Well I'm a 2nd admendment backer to the hilt. I also believe if you are not a citizen you should have no rights under the constitution.

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Tujas 11 months ago
You said lefty was right.
Vuzil 10 months ago
He didnt start a church Oh Really?
Yozshugar 10 months ago
Yeah...thank God yall dont have posts about cars ??????????
Yobar 10 months ago
Ah, they must go together. The knowledge of God
Zulmaran 10 months ago
I think any woman that marries Trump is ugly.
Voodoozahn 10 months ago
God bless you!!! It?s totally downgrading??
Zuk 9 months ago
Meet the new boss
Tagore 9 months ago
Love the falsetto later in this song.
Digrel 9 months ago
Like the dumbest guy in special ed class?
Dagal 9 months ago
The movies right but the title is wrong.
Arashilrajas 9 months ago
Then go tell the police.
Nat 9 months ago
That is bad. Still not as bad as this.
Nile 8 months ago
Sure, just like the Christians slaughtered (and tortured millions

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