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Well thanks for all that some of I can agree with. The Bible is not the world metric on what is right or wrong. It?s not the guideline for how all of humanity should live. It?s not that important of a book in the real world. It was written to control the people it?s a form of government propaganda and control. However the Bible Old or New Testament is not the word of God; it?s a book commissioned and written by men. Canonized by men for a religion made by men. Homosexuality is a good thing.

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Vozil 3 months ago
Always good to type at ya Jay
Gardazshura 3 months ago
I'm sure you were a good influence
Goltilkis 3 months ago
OK yours is a stupid comment.
Arami 3 months ago
ahh yes..anything you can't explain away is a metaphor.
Gardamuro 3 months ago
Apparently you can't read.
Brazahn 2 months ago
Don't ask them to spell Siberia though.....
Akishicage 2 months ago
And what is that named on.
Juramar 2 months ago
abandoning its traditional positions on issues
Fenrirn 2 months ago
There you go being all rational and stuff.
Zujin 2 months ago
(I actually rode a horse decades ago. ??)
Dairan 2 months ago
As it should be.
Akinotaur 2 months ago
You didn?t provide any examples
Tezil 1 month ago
And i likes it
Meztishicage 1 month ago
I'm riding the crest in Clear Lake with Avenatti!
Fenrinris 1 month ago
?failed to condemn while furiously deflecting elsewhere...?
Shakus 1 month ago
Read EXODUS on that score.
Tygomi 1 month ago
You?re most welcome. ??
Akinomi 1 month ago
Does this only apply to Christians?
Faemuro 3 weeks ago
I became 1% 35 years ago. Welcome.
Doura 3 weeks ago
The evidence gets worse.
Gukasa 2 weeks ago
No. the Eric Clapton song addresses that.
Kigasho 1 week ago
More than a mouthful is a waste.
Zololkis 4 days ago
They don?t publish, they lobby. Buff said.
Yozragore 4 days ago
Hey Hershel what's up
Dogis 1 day ago
NBC is the enemy. The NYT is the enemy.

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