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725 22:0610 months ago

No. As of 2017, there are a total of 324 million known variants from sequenced human genomes. The typical difference between the genomes of two individuals is estimated at 20 million base pairs (or 0.6 of the total of 3.2 billion base pairs). If you trace all these ethnicities back we all come from the same source.

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Mazuzil 10 months ago
Co2 is harmless. Trees convert it to pure oxygen.
Kazigor 9 months ago
Decades of Democrat "leadership" always ends here.
Tall 9 months ago big it is...:D
Mesho 9 months ago
She failed to empathize with them I guess.
Goltilrajas 9 months ago
I should hope not because what would Trixie say?
Zulusida 9 months ago
My money is on them using Bing.
Vigrel 8 months ago
When you talk like that no one wins.
JoJok 8 months ago
Who knew?"Greenies" are actually "Reds"...s/
Yozshulabar 8 months ago
It is a matter of choice
Vujind 8 months ago
Shush you watch anime
Bragal 8 months ago
Oh right. The deep state. Sorry, I forgot.
Arashirr 7 months ago
Except for executing a kid for shooting an intruder.
Vijinn 7 months ago
Your welcome from the both of us
Mikajora 7 months ago
Where did I claim that god is not real?
Tutaxe 7 months ago
And Rick Fraser wins the Poe award.
Goshicage 6 months ago
What civil liberties are the LGBT denying anyone?
Gasar 6 months ago
I imagine your dancing is something like this? ??
Tojarg 6 months ago
yeah, a little bit modified:
Fenrizragore 6 months ago
Human? Yes. Alive? Yes.
Faetaur 6 months ago
This was not your statement, your statement was,
Tygolkree 6 months ago
The benefit of atheism:?
Zulkizil 5 months ago
Awww . RIP little babies!
Grotaxe 5 months ago
A bald-faced lie--and the posts expose it!
Duzshura 5 months ago
Okay on it, Truth or dare? ;P

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