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565 24:037 months ago

All this money, all for a bunch of old men in skirts. Imagine what good we could of done with money wasted on this expression of opulence.

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Kigakora 7 months ago
A list of conservator pedophiles
Kitaxe 7 months ago
No no no and no.
Malagul 6 months ago
Isn't that supposed to make you sleep?
Kazill 6 months ago
Yeah, this is going to recount!
Zulkishakar 6 months ago
As always, very interesting!!!!
Tygogor 6 months ago
Your snide, meaningless answers are also boring.
Kagataxe 6 months ago
I don't really care.
Faulabar 5 months ago
Oh I?m so sorry!
Terisar 5 months ago
Which is why I said "our Creator."
Bralar 5 months ago
I have a giant... unibrow. ??
Akisho 5 months ago
The Ruckelshaus Shank Redemption Center.
Gokasa 5 months ago
You use secular accounts of history
Shakagor 5 months ago
Of course It's possible.
Yozshujinn 5 months ago
Good old Jimmy Durante.????
JoJogrel 5 months ago
They do. It?s not nonsense.
Samushakar 5 months ago
Sorry child, but did not change your words.
Gorr 4 months ago
Is there any talent in this?
Dor 4 months ago
Why would this be true?
Akinokus 4 months ago
But Puzzy hats were allowed!!??
Mull 4 months ago
Do you know Francis or Kevin? :)
Vudosar 4 months ago
Help me decide. Please
Kekasa 3 months ago
And this has what to do with hell?
Meran 3 months ago
Now Trump will have to Twitter twaddle against YouTube.
Kazrall 3 months ago
Just stupidity isn't it?
Fenrilrajas 3 months ago
Conservatism is a race?
Zulkigor 3 months ago
Still mad about whatshername, I see.

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