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376 06:108 months ago

It's hard for me to do much beyond sigh. I know why they do this. It hurts my MIL deeply that for the most part her grandchildren are atheists, and I also know my FIL blames me (the woman who led his son astray), and it's the second that makes me angry. It's a huge insult to the SO that FIL thinks him so easily manipulated. I suppose if y'all ain't tellin your woman what to do, you ain't man enough.

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Meztigor 7 months ago
STOP! Mathematics is NOT allowed!
Shakalar 7 months ago
When did all that happen in history?
Mooguramar 7 months ago
Hahah! But he's a toad! :/
Tojall 7 months ago
I don't rate him myself.
Fem 7 months ago
Not even a commission?
Kagazil 6 months ago
Learn some manners, troll. ITOWCHATT
Tygok 6 months ago
And yet, Christians are my brethren.
Fenrijin 6 months ago
Billions of us know it to be truth.
Kanris 6 months ago
Sometimes I can but not always...
JoJogami 5 months ago
Good to see ya Mr Pancakes!!
Mihn 5 months ago
i like to clam..........stick it in...pull it out...boom...a clam
Kaganos 5 months ago
Lying GOP as a group.
Gashura 5 months ago
The embassy rocked and saved a fortune.
Mezijinn 5 months ago
What About Baby Jane?
Tojajas 5 months ago
Brawndo -- it's got the electrolytes that plants crave!
Gogami 5 months ago
It can play the F? out of rock doe.
Voodoohn 5 months ago
FILTH!!!! Jerkwater Hillbilly FILTH!!!
Yolmaran 5 months ago
I'd rather see a volcano erupt right through it!
Musida 4 months ago
You signed the deal so STFU.
Yozshugore 4 months ago
Ah yes.... The church of Clipsal
Juk 4 months ago
If we did, Disqus be alot smaller :)
Kishicage 4 months ago
Apple has banned him.
Vudotaxe 4 months ago
No evidence of that.
Dogar 3 months ago
Mom & sis, it?s time to head home now!
Samule 3 months ago
Why can?t we arrest and jail these people?

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