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Totally related. We were discussing NFP and your grandma?s rhythm method!

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Moogumuro 8 months ago
Rita oh Rita, Don't ever say dealio again????
Vitaxe 8 months ago
Cut the chase. What are you trying to say?
Araran 7 months ago
Because none of the entities would cooperate.
Shagar 7 months ago
Lol you're such a joke.
Bashakar 7 months ago
Is Hitch still coach this year?
Tygozuru 7 months ago
So, you're not a slave to sin?
Vutaxe 7 months ago
Oh it's ok.. where you from
Vitilar 6 months ago
Should we inquire about warts??
Zulkirr 6 months ago
I just looked my post and got the point!
Togore 6 months ago
Hahahaha ???? ima sneaky texter! ??
Sajas 6 months ago
Do you agree with these findings?
Garg 6 months ago
elaborate fantasies? Like collusion delusion?
Yozshubei 6 months ago
He is same trash as obama
Zulkishicage 5 months ago
Hairy but cuddly, like a teddy bear?
Mikami 5 months ago
The father away from the Constitution
Zushicage 5 months ago
Let me guess, the gay cake scenario.
Fekasa 5 months ago
HAHAHA! OK, if we're doing quotations about education,
Dosida 5 months ago
Only retards believe in Satan.
Meztigul 5 months ago
And where is marriage defined, then?
Faulkree 5 months ago
And it was a bad trip!
JoJolrajas 4 months ago
I would if were a death row inmate
Tegor 4 months ago
No. the Eric Clapton song addresses that.
Fenrizil 4 months ago
Just dying to accuse somebody of that huh?
Daiktilar 4 months ago
Why you want a wife for God?
Jull 4 months ago
He wants Trump to incriminate himself further.
Faesar 4 months ago
So your argument is Nuh Uh. You aren't cool.

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