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268 17:309 months ago

Oh, your ad hominems instead of logical intelligent rebuttal cut me to the quick. You must have run out of facts with someone else.

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Kigagor 9 months ago
Quel bolos . . .
Guktilar 9 months ago
OHIO belongs to PRESIDENT TRUMP supporters!
Dajind 9 months ago
One of my favorite quotes:
Arashizuru 8 months ago
Your assistance is not required.
Sham 8 months ago
Should be revised to:
Mukinos 8 months ago
With one or two hands, it shouldn't look friendly!
Faulkree 8 months ago
the People need that clarification for sure!! HIGH 5
Maujora 8 months ago
OK Debi! Looking forward to your return! Take care!!!
Kajigul 7 months ago
Then meet secular humanists. Like me.
Taukinos 7 months ago
You sound as inbred as they get....
Kajijin 7 months ago
Oops!... Wrong toad? lol!
Dugul 7 months ago
Sorry that it happened to you.
Nikozil 7 months ago
Je n'avais pas besoin de cette hypothesis la.
Mikagrel 7 months ago
Where you from Nevada?
Kajikree 6 months ago
I've watched them and I am not particularly impressed.
Gar 6 months ago
And we have a winner!!!
Makasa 6 months ago
Hohohohoheeheeheeyukyuk. Liberal attempts at humor are so dry.
Telar 6 months ago
Darn spell correct keeps putting Virginia or Virgin!
Tolar 6 months ago
It never once says THE Creator.
Zulutaur 5 months ago
Your passivity of truth fails. Try eating a steak.
Goltisar 5 months ago
Injustice 2, mobile and Xbox One.
Vudotilar 5 months ago
Hey James. I am doing good, how are you?
Doshura 5 months ago
Edited just for you.
JoJogar 5 months ago
why most of us don't participate in it
Kagasar 5 months ago
Oooo I want to be involved lol
Dashura 5 months ago
well, okay, you are.
Daisar 4 months ago
And the bible isn't credible in mine.
Tojabar 4 months ago
The second one is Sheamus
Kebei 4 months ago
That's what I'm afraid of, too.

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