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765 13:2810 months ago

I really shouldn't be wasting this much time on you but knowledge should be shared, I guess.

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Malajora 10 months ago
Modern Hebrew grammar differs from Biblical Mishnaic grammar.
Muktilar 10 months ago
Prove that it is absolute, don't just state it.
Zulkis 9 months ago
Yes. It's called prime matter.
Meztijas 9 months ago
CNN = Clueless Newsless Network
Meztijora 9 months ago
sweet name.. so you live in Sweden
Vujar 9 months ago
More of the same.
Dalmaran 9 months ago
*smiles* hang on a sec, I?m gonna gif you.
Doujas 8 months ago
I know what you did there ; )
Zulushura 8 months ago
LMFAO????????my mouth dropped open??????
Keshakar 8 months ago
i do not know how to do it.
Groshicage 8 months ago
Yes.. I'll post a picture tomorrow of that...
Nejin 8 months ago
How are them grandkids young man??
Majinn 8 months ago
And the dumb get dumber.
Mera 8 months ago
Yeah I dont know that many Communist Mexicanos.
Togal 7 months ago
From the NY Times.
Mesho 7 months ago
Ah the people who allowed 9/11?
Yozshuzuru 7 months ago
What college did you graduate from?
Dim 7 months ago
The topic isn't abortion.
Grokree 6 months ago
It's not an act.
JoJomuro 6 months ago
Now that I am here, its getting even sillier!
Akihn 6 months ago
Maybe we're all wrong.
Dinris 6 months ago
The NRA doesn't like Red Flag Laws.
Vudogal 5 months ago
By all means, feel free to use it. ^5
Goltishakar 5 months ago
Kick that perv?s azz and take the 50k.
Kesida 5 months ago
The Organgrinder/monkey relationship is very complicated... I mean ?sophisticated?

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