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195 24:0510 months ago

Someone tells me who to marry? They can stick their advices upwards their behinds.

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Voodoobar 10 months ago
The trolls are out, folks. Flag 'em.
Malaktilar 9 months ago
Chuck? He's a wonderful fellow.
Gataxe 9 months ago
Not in computer science they are used interchangeably.
Mikakora 9 months ago
Go back and read your last comment.
Bralkree 9 months ago
Donald Trump IS a foreign worker.
Mecage 9 months ago
"You were asked to give her out..."
Meztimuro 8 months ago
OK. What's the doctrine behind it?
Vok 8 months ago
Instability is never a good thing.
Nikosida 8 months ago
beat him to a pulp
Gacage 8 months ago
Why do you sound so bitter?
Mujora 8 months ago
Yep - they are desperate in the extreme.
Dourg 8 months ago
Nope i wasted my time in selecting my dress:P
Najora 7 months ago
wow!. Now it's personal, down to ego?
Brajinn 7 months ago
I already addressed this exhaustively:
Vishura 7 months ago
What about them? Dare to explain?
Kak 7 months ago
student ...and ya ??
Shakajar 6 months ago
" it is all about liberal bashing, "
Arashizshura 6 months ago
2 cars i want to own..........
Fenrilrajas 6 months ago
I already explained it to you.
Togis 6 months ago
Those things haven?t happened yet.
Nem 6 months ago
well, that would be the Bible.
Tygozahn 6 months ago
Not you, you'll jusy blindly defend Trump anyway.
Muk 5 months ago
Well I wouldn?t do that!
Mezizragore 5 months ago
If you could read my mind...
Arashizragore 5 months ago
Let's put that to the test, shall we?

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