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You have no freedom of speech on someone else's property.

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Nikoshakar 6 months ago
what definition of god?
Sajin 6 months ago
couldn't you be doing a plethora of things?
Gardalar 5 months ago
Ella. I?m baaaak! I took a months vacation.
Gokora 5 months ago
Got me mate. what is it? something Japanese no?
Dojin 5 months ago
That doesn?t make it true...LOL
Vozshura 5 months ago
Good. Then stop talking to me.
Nedal 5 months ago
You misgendered me, racist swine
Taukinos 5 months ago
It's good to learn from the past.
Vorn 5 months ago
Thanks for the example of my point.
Tygom 4 months ago
I argue with myself- does that make me God?
Mazugis 4 months ago
Maybe you want to proof read next time.
Vilar 4 months ago
They are as dense as a bag of lead.
Maut 4 months ago
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Maubei 4 months ago
still can't or won't answer a simple question?
Garg 4 months ago
Your penis is cringe?
Arajin 3 months ago
lol More Ugh. Atheist bad, believer good crap.
Dokree 3 months ago
Teds hair was blue!!!
Sabar 3 months ago
"Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets"

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