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So you say but why should I take your word?

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Zulkilrajas 8 months ago
Yes, it's a lie.
Kazrakora 7 months ago
What makes you think this claim is true?
Nalabar 7 months ago
Obligation? lulz. I don't think you understand the word.
Maugami 7 months ago
There was nothing wrong with my grammar.
Mular 7 months ago
Nah... that?s just sex ??????
Faegami 6 months ago
History is not your strong suit
Misar 6 months ago
Kneeling has never been seen as intending to offend.
Malami 6 months ago
Your God is a prick.
Kamuro 6 months ago
Cuba libre is not bad
Moogushicage 6 months ago
aabb=> aaabb=> abaaabb etc? :P
Sagor 6 months ago
Please expatiate what the priest said
Vigal 6 months ago
That?s treating pregnancy as a disease.
Grojind 5 months ago
Where did he go? I?ve been looking for him.
Dumuro 5 months ago
I'm positive I have!
Majora 5 months ago
Also, Chicago's population is nearly double what you note.
Mami 5 months ago
Wow, talk about your tinfoil hat alerts.
Brajora 4 months ago
Would you like to understand the reasons why?
Yozshuzragore 4 months ago
Amen. But there is something that will.
Goltilrajas 4 months ago
Yeah this is fake
Mukora 4 months ago
We disagree. Good day to you April.
Tak 3 months ago
Our Original Sin is what is called Death.
Akizil 3 months ago
That's a nice Spider Man pic
Vibar 3 months ago
Hehhehehe but i like Teighas beauty more ??
Guhn 3 months ago
I?m still waiting thanks
Vujas 3 months ago
Saudi Arabia?? wait ..what
Mijas 2 months ago
What are you, a 12 year old squee girl?
Doukus 2 months ago
Is the flooding in Toronto normal, for Toronto?
Mazuran 2 months ago
LOL I resemble that remark.
Kagarn 2 months ago
You put together some words.
Talmaran 2 months ago
What part of that isn't?

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