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I oppose the death penalty, but for different reasons than articulated by the pope. There is a man, Joseph Duncan, on death row in Idaho, and in my opinion, allowing this man to draw another breathe is wrong. he slaughtered an entire family so that he could kidnap and rape a young girl, but he was caught when the little girl escaped at a truck stop, and bystanders notified police. That Duncan did those murders is beyond question, and I have zero problems with his execution. My reasons for opposing the death penalty is that not every case is as cut and dried as this one is, and the fact that innocent people are being executed unjustly, is without question. The Innocence Project by itself, has freed almost 200 wrongly convicted people from either death row, or from life sentences, and that is only one such organizations. People who study and run prisons will readily admit that something in the vicinity of 10 of the people in prison are innocent of the crime that they are in prison for, so the real question is: how many innocent people have been unjustly executed in the US? And that is reason enough to stop executions.

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Tojalar 9 months ago
I've posted resources below to counter these alleged contradictions.
Mot 9 months ago
LOL.. I'm walking too!??
Kijind 9 months ago
Let me know when you have something to say.
Arashilrajas 9 months ago
Lol... Strip mine more like it.
Kazit 9 months ago
Yea, stop watching the news and facts and stuff.
Faut 9 months ago
what sudies, Linda? please cite one.
Mikagul 8 months ago
Science has nothing to do with god.
Julkis 8 months ago
I wouldn't say that at all.
Zulkidal 8 months ago
Are you gonna be done with those pearls soon?
Zolot 8 months ago
You mean Christians wearing quotation marks.
Faemi 8 months ago
Amen Here's TOO YA!!! Cheers
Fenos 7 months ago
People who doesn't do their job usually get fired.
Dosida 7 months ago
Infallible? But it has errors.
Kakazahn 7 months ago
Hahaha any time :p
Tojatilar 7 months ago
I agreee all the way !
Kazrarisar 7 months ago
Well I thought it did....
Vijind 7 months ago
One of Al Sharpton's acolytes?
Balkree 6 months ago
And now typing out
Voodoora 6 months ago
Just waking bro ??????. Mornin? to ya ????????????
Voodoolkis 6 months ago
Its on netflix huh? U like it?
Grodal 6 months ago
HahahahahHhaha ?????? should i laugh or cry ????
Samusho 6 months ago
You are supposed to give your objections first.

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