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It's mutual, from my experience both dogs and cats can sense an animal lover, or the opposite. They tend to avoid if possible, snap at or hiss if that's all they can do, sadistic human beings. And I've no doubt that this man, and a fair number of those around him, are sadists.

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Nezragore 6 months ago
Really? Enforcing the law is anti American. ROFL!.
Tarn 6 months ago certainly have my attention, M. :-)
Kazrajas 6 months ago
Where did I say ANYTHING about the Constitution?
Fenrinos 6 months ago
Ahh so you're just trolling.
Dagal 5 months ago
None the chicken came first ?
Mazukora 5 months ago
Word filter got ya on fvck
Zolohn 5 months ago
You avoided addressing the implications of the question.
Mataxe 5 months ago
Tygocage 4 months ago
Well I wouldn?t do that!
Tulkree 4 months ago
I love watching you losers fight.
Daile 4 months ago
Perhaps you could formulate an answer?
Gardagar 4 months ago
It is not about rights, but respect
Gutaxe 4 months ago
Or the Poor Man's James Bond.
Shaktigal 4 months ago
More bullshit lies. Typical.
Tolmaran 3 months ago
Shhhh.Facts can be called ?racist?.
Shasar 3 months ago
Seems lame and a waste of time.
Zugami 3 months ago
????????. Yet reality is saying different
Dazilkree 3 months ago
I got a pet beaver.
Zologar 3 months ago
I can certainly love anyone who can love.
Gazil 2 months ago
I feel like a cat in a box.
Grole 2 months ago
"This is an attack on the first amendment!"
Daishicage 2 months ago
Are you impossible to understand??
Malazuru 2 months ago
Must be the non-canonical bases :)
Yoramar 1 month ago
Pity he didn't condemn slavery or child rape
Gami 1 month ago
Not what I said at all.
Kajirn 1 month ago
There are several things wrong with this.
Tojagrel 1 month ago
Wipe your nose, I am not. : )
Disho 4 weeks ago
Demons, when God simply isn't enough.
Nele 3 weeks ago
Hey...don?t sound so been a good run!????
Mugal 2 weeks ago
That is the "common sense" fallacy.

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