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If what she heard about him was true (that he bought a new Porsche every time the one he drove got the tiniest scratch) then the car was completely disposable and meant absolutely nothing to him. That means what she was asking if she could have would be on the level of his own personally used toilet paper and the man angrily reprimanded her for daring to be so presumptuous.

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Gom 9 months ago
I figured my boy would still be here
Tataur 8 months ago
Just got up now.
Daibar 8 months ago
Quite a sleepy town.
Tulmaran 8 months ago
Why would I waste time studying your man-made delusion?
Golrajas 8 months ago
No it is not. Your comments are idiotic
JoJorr 8 months ago
Like nat'l security? That's an intangible asset.
Faet 7 months ago
He's also doing Tostitos commercials for some reason.
Faesar 7 months ago
Shannon, come on! Have you read the 10 Commandments?
Dular 7 months ago
Hi James, fine and you? Ty

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