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I am reasonably certain I get it: you see nothing wrong with homosexuality and in fact consider it both natural and a good thing. You also feel the bible isn't accurate, correct, or a guide for peoples lives. Furthermore, you disagree with any opinions to the contrary.

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Fauran 6 months ago
Not physically, not emotionally, not at all.
Vorn 6 months ago
So it is what I thought it was.
Fauk 5 months ago
my sentiments exactly RADMIL
Nikom 5 months ago
What are we lookin at here?
Gakinos 5 months ago
Good job Disqus. What's next, book burning?
Malalrajas 5 months ago
What flavor is the kool aid today?
Golticage 4 months ago
I have family too. And I have debating.
Yozshurg 4 months ago
I'm neither perverted nor a Muslim. Ouch for you.
Shakagis 4 months ago
What gams? (she's an underwear model)
Kazrajin 4 months ago
You not liking reality doesn't change it.
Meztisar 4 months ago
Ford knows what their contracts entail.
Fenrigore 4 months ago
Online shopping for me too!
Gardataur 4 months ago
Why not? Life is sacred. Even human life. lol.
Moogugami 3 months ago
And should I take that as another bully threat?
Mekazahn 3 months ago
On that, I agree.
Nikot 3 months ago
Haha why thank you kind sir :)
Dushicage 3 months ago
You're an equal opportunity fraud.

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