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Your God has no mercy, someone has to pay for your sins...

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Shahn 6 months ago
"A push isn?t life threatening. "
Samugis 6 months ago
I think she means non-homo sapiens
Najar 6 months ago
"Democrats are violent people"
JoJogis 5 months ago
How did you know? O?
Aragor 5 months ago
He is a one-man path of destruction.
Galmaran 5 months ago
The face veil. No contest.
Zologrel 5 months ago
Did they get better or worse?
Milar 5 months ago
I thought it made me god like yourself.
JoJokasa 5 months ago
Nice pic jay :-)
Yogal 4 months ago
Get Bradley on a program ??????
Juhn 4 months ago
I am still waiting for one from you ...
Yotilar 4 months ago
And Che. They love him, too.
Mazukasa 4 months ago
Zero evidence. None. Zippo. Nada. Ziltch.
Sami 4 months ago
I read that as "no cleavage charge"...
Maugal 3 months ago
I think he should either way.
Tet 3 months ago
Children who are below the age of accountability,
JoJocage 3 months ago
Who is in the mood for "Canasta"?
Volrajas 3 months ago
I just like to brag about knowing you :)
Samurg 3 months ago
It's Disqus..must you ask? :)
Gror 3 months ago
I gave ya a garbage bag,
Daizuru 2 months ago
Everyone is qualified and it is foolishness not to.

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