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444 25:448 months ago says the sissy who always deflects (runs away) but never gives a link.

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Fesar 8 months ago
yes but I?d rather people hear me
Nikolrajas 8 months ago
About as plausible as Alice in Wonderland.
Yozshulkis 8 months ago
I was thinking Practical Paul.
Doucage 8 months ago
The CBC has to think of their future bonuses.
Sajind 7 months ago
I would rather sit, wouldn't you?
Faemi 7 months ago
You are a congenital fool ??????
Jurisar 7 months ago
Lots of folks had issues with that as well....
Tygokinos 7 months ago
I play them on the PlayStation systems myself.
Dousida 7 months ago
And they still hang around...
Kazrazragore 6 months ago
Your conspiratorial ideation and genetic fallacy are other topics.
Nikorr 6 months ago
I wouldn't want to be the guy driving it...
Nigal 6 months ago
Well thought out points to ponder.
Yoll 6 months ago
see how happy this lady is ..haha
Taudal 6 months ago
How did you arrive at 90%?
Dabar 6 months ago
Jenna Coleman playing Clara Oswald also from Doctor Who.
Moogurn 5 months ago
What exactly, is your problem with ?organised religion?
Tam 5 months ago
Not that i know of.
Gazragore 5 months ago
My hair only gives me two options...
Mezil 5 months ago
I figured my boy would still be here
Kajikree 5 months ago
Cubs Astros this year
Dilabar 4 months ago
I must break you.

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