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Churches are not tax exempt because they are charities. They are exempt because they are religious organizations. And they are exempt because they?re NOT businesses.

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Zologul 8 months ago
Maybe we have a history.
Gardasho 8 months ago
Good thing God has nothing to do with that.
Vudokora 7 months ago
you would of course
Mikale 7 months ago
Indeed! Look at those waistlines!
Faesho 7 months ago
Nah, they had eunuchs in biblical times.
Dizragore 7 months ago
It's a sign of the times I guess (sigh)
Kigalar 7 months ago
Read Katzenbach v. McClung. That is all.
Kajirg 6 months ago
It?s BS TV !
Shaktikus 6 months ago
That was a trap.
Voodooktilar 6 months ago
No rights are denied.
Gardadal 6 months ago
His % was not higher.
Feramar 6 months ago
Who owns this POS channel?????
Kitilar 6 months ago
I miss her on here. :(
Tygogar 5 months ago
Invites sent. Crazy is as crazy does.
Guzil 5 months ago
I think so yeah
Magrel 5 months ago
Why haven't they been deported?
Kezuru 5 months ago
Lol yeah, it's one of the other comments
Togrel 5 months ago
And my posts are all libertarian. There is that.
Naran 5 months ago
Hey, I resemble that remark.
Kalkree 4 months ago
Isn't this game about answering with questions?
Gardasho 4 months ago
It's all about the White Genocide Project,Doony Boy
Yojin 4 months ago
It is a fact, not asinine

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