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439 12:5510 months ago

Please do, especially the part where theists explain how to distinguish between design and non-design.

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Aralmaran 10 months ago
Then link to that handbook.
Mizilkree 10 months ago
Except they ignore others doing that.
Keramar 10 months ago
Why can?t Ingraham get Dbag Jr in studio?
Dozuru 9 months ago
There is zero scientific evidence of Noah's flood.
Bralkree 9 months ago
"Mockery should be met with jeering and dismissal..."
Shaktijind 9 months ago
But don?t you dare call them Nazis
Gonris 9 months ago
So God is a fan of suffering?
Kagazahn 9 months ago
The rampant TDS shows otherwise.
Vomi 9 months ago
Very Cool would make an awesome T-shirt!
Viramar 9 months ago
Many Muslim scholars disagree with you.
Mit 9 months ago
When the ideology holder falsely asserts disbelief.
Samujinn 8 months ago
Too fuzzy to read...??
Mikakree 8 months ago
What nonsense you write.
Tautaur 8 months ago
"Democrats are violent people"
Mataur 8 months ago
Anecdotal evidence is as valid as what you believe.
Mezisho 8 months ago
Jesus, if he existed, was likely very brown.
Didal 7 months ago
Maybe your definition of "pagan" is skewed.
Samuk 7 months ago
?My mom is not a criminal,? Pamela said.

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