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983 20:249 months ago

I agree 100%. But that's not what the law states. And with states enacting these religious freedom laws legalizing discrimination against gays, look for it to get much much worse.

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Dozuru 9 months ago
You continue to demonstrate your profound ignorance of science.
Mezisar 9 months ago
It might be! Does he sport a beard?
Gojar 9 months ago
Why is that "impossible?"
Mokinos 9 months ago
Well then, how do you logically criticize Stalin/Mao?
Mom 9 months ago
Do you have your own special guitar ?
Dokus 8 months ago
No it just talks too much.
Zulkir 8 months ago
Bridge i found cruising:
Marisar 8 months ago
Bernie's economic endeavors look weak
Kazinos 8 months ago
It has to start somewhere
Telmaran 8 months ago
Glad you have rejoined reality.
Zulurisar 7 months ago
You should actually read Hebrews 11. It's available online,
Garan 7 months ago
That is a shame.
Tusida 7 months ago
thanks. Don't be so cranky.
Tushakar 7 months ago
Awesome, we'll see each other more then.
Yojora 7 months ago
I'm curious and I'm having fun talking to you.
Zululmaran 6 months ago
There are federal laws against trafficking already
Yozshubei 6 months ago
This natural born citizen opposes them
Shaktigal 6 months ago
Oh no! I love lima beans haha
Tugar 6 months ago
So you're just here to troll. Banned.
Taukazahn 6 months ago
Nope. REAL statistics would certainly be triple the number.
Najar 5 months ago
Why would he want to.hit back?
Faejinn 5 months ago
Oh well she's the sweetest person! :)
Niktilar 5 months ago
I said it truthfully, no need to restate it.

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