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No more than yours and no more than you, Vic.

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Felkis 11 months ago
thats not even a Marvel Character!
Gagis 10 months ago
It would just go to the war machine.
Kigagami 10 months ago
That's adorable. And back in reality.
Brashura 10 months ago
we need to work to stop it
Nikojar 10 months ago
Cats are a sweet animal
Dubar 10 months ago
It was removed, you go look for it.
Samubei 9 months ago
I'm asking how a baby is formed
Fejin 9 months ago
So you admit that you've lied again.
Faelkis 9 months ago
The same to you :)
Samujora 9 months ago
Again, your word salad is incomprehensible.
Yozshujas 9 months ago
"there isn't a hateful bone in Alex Jones' body."
Dozragore 8 months ago
"Everyone knows the corruption of the DNC, Clinton campaign"
Faetaur 8 months ago
That's not nude then!
Kajilrajas 8 months ago
What if it means I'm hungry?
Jugal 8 months ago
Whoever votes for that guy loves sleezy.
Zuzilkree 8 months ago
I am giving the benefit of the doubt.
Jurg 7 months ago
really? "Gibberish" is a medical opinion?
Mazunos 7 months ago
How about "In Science We Trust"?
Samukree 7 months ago
What record will my Ravens have this year?
Tedal 7 months ago
He gives wet dreams a bad name.
Vitaur 6 months ago
What I am saying is what I said.
Negar 6 months ago
trolling is allowed on those platforms.
Samujinn 6 months ago
That's because you don't have 'eyes to see'
Gardalrajas 6 months ago
No it is learned, not taught.
Tausida 6 months ago
Which verse is that? You didn't say.
Sajin 5 months ago
That's why we have joint AND separate accounts.
Zolokazahn 5 months ago
It's a miracle that we don't see miracles?
Nazragore 5 months ago
Except where shown above.

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