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No more than yours and no more than you, Vic.

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Felkis 9 months ago
thats not even a Marvel Character!
Gagis 8 months ago
It would just go to the war machine.
Kigagami 8 months ago
That's adorable. And back in reality.
Brashura 8 months ago
we need to work to stop it
Nikojar 8 months ago
Cats are a sweet animal
Dubar 8 months ago
It was removed, you go look for it.
Samubei 7 months ago
I'm asking how a baby is formed
Fejin 7 months ago
So you admit that you've lied again.
Faelkis 7 months ago
The same to you :)
Samujora 7 months ago
Again, your word salad is incomprehensible.
Yozshujas 7 months ago
"there isn't a hateful bone in Alex Jones' body."
Dozragore 6 months ago
"Everyone knows the corruption of the DNC, Clinton campaign"
Faetaur 6 months ago
That's not nude then!
Kajilrajas 6 months ago
What if it means I'm hungry?
Jugal 6 months ago
Whoever votes for that guy loves sleezy.
Zuzilkree 6 months ago
I am giving the benefit of the doubt.
Jurg 5 months ago
really? "Gibberish" is a medical opinion?
Mazunos 5 months ago
How about "In Science We Trust"?
Samukree 5 months ago
What record will my Ravens have this year?
Tedal 5 months ago
He gives wet dreams a bad name.
Vitaur 4 months ago
What I am saying is what I said.
Negar 4 months ago
trolling is allowed on those platforms.
Samujinn 4 months ago
That's because you don't have 'eyes to see'
Gardalrajas 4 months ago
No it is learned, not taught.
Tausida 4 months ago
Which verse is that? You didn't say.
Sajin 3 months ago
That's why we have joint AND separate accounts.
Zolokazahn 3 months ago
It's a miracle that we don't see miracles?
Nazragore 3 months ago
Except where shown above.

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