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You know, they sewed his arm back on and he was out for 2 years.

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Turamar 9 months ago
I'm always with you Joe.
Faucage 9 months ago
Talk about an indeed law. And a persecution complex.
Kagarg 9 months ago
I only see hate from you. Review your life.
Mojora 9 months ago
You can't see ?
Shadal 9 months ago
They aren't mutually exclusive.
Tabei 9 months ago
They would claim he wasn't Jesus.
Dukora 8 months ago
Because the Judeo-Christian God is the only ?God.?
Morr 8 months ago
Nope. NOT too harsh.
Tanos 8 months ago
I love you Samantha Micelli. Always will
Medal 8 months ago
Just learn English, little trumpie.
Ketaxe 8 months ago
It's about hijacking the flag for his own ends
Guktilar 7 months ago
Never cared for what they know...
Sazahn 7 months ago
That's what I'm afraid of, too.
Malanris 7 months ago
Measure twice, cut think it through LOL!!!!
Tygojinn 7 months ago
And if they make the wrong choice?
Akizahn 7 months ago
And it was sooooooooooooo peaceful! ;-)
Kajilkree 7 months ago
The big question is would BTC hit it?
Fenrikinos 7 months ago
I could just picture you on a mule...??
Arashisho 7 months ago
from my studies, Truth is defined (Biblically as such:
Vudoll 6 months ago
I will do disome to
Sagore 6 months ago
But their threats are just as bad over me.
Meztitaxe 6 months ago
It doesn't matter if the rules are illegal.

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