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The players that have served time in prison will get turned on by this new member.

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Zuk 9 months ago
So . . . you're stalking me?
Toshakar 9 months ago
Not something you would wear?
Shaktikinos 9 months ago
Look closer-with a magnifying glass. ;)
Kashakar 9 months ago
that's actually so true
Mer 8 months ago
not your goat.. it's you, R-slicker!
Malagal 8 months ago
Possibly, but not for yours
Shakanos 8 months ago
hahahahaha not at all
Dubar 8 months ago
You don't understand how vast the US is.
Nisar 8 months ago
that should have went someplace else- sorry
Yozshurn 8 months ago
When did Huffington Post become "mainstream news"?
Grogrel 7 months ago
Shuffle all problems under rugs of extremism.
Zut 7 months ago
Proof of one's own feelings on a subject.
Dorisar 7 months ago
I have in 3 instances of my life.
Samugul 7 months ago
What about ism or two wrongs make a right?
Dogami 7 months ago
Hahahaha! Everyone has. ;)

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