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267 12:088 months ago

This is government run amok. I don't care what side of the gun debate you are on the government should not be pressuring banks and other financial institutions to stop serving a legal entity. This is the same thing weed dispensaries faced when they started under Bush and they could not access even bank accounts.

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Kazranos 8 months ago
I want Mayberry, Andy Griffith, Barney Fire, Opie....
Kagar 8 months ago he came unto her.
Arahn 8 months ago
Obama sends hopes and prayers to the ayatollah.
Nezshura 8 months ago
Let's begin with the facts.
Mimi 7 months ago
You didn't hurt my feelings Kayla.
Tojagrel 7 months ago
I got the point, but unfortunately you missed mine.
Akibar 7 months ago
Hopefully it remains that way!
Kigataur 7 months ago
I would But I'm addicted to the shower head.
Tobar 6 months ago
Sad but true. Upstate isn't as bad.

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