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400 08:007 months ago

Glorious too, isn?t it. Do you think he foreknew that he?d be President one day and lead all this? I do... again, can?t say why except the knowledge that God speaks prophetically to some.

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Kagajora 6 months ago
Christianity answers all the questions
Neramar 6 months ago
SMH. How about this one?
Gular 6 months ago
Are you arguing with me or with the dictionary?
Arashigami 6 months ago
Someone is pulling my comments as spam. ?
Tojind 6 months ago
You are most welcome, James??
Tygoramar 6 months ago
Glad I could be of help.
Zulkihn 5 months ago
BREXIT. ....just in time .
Kajigal 5 months ago
Again, so? What's the bad thing here?
Keshakar 5 months ago
Johnson had Kennedy assassinated. 9/11 was an inside job.
Megore 5 months ago
I'll sell you chapstick?.we'll make a fortune....xD
Faunris 4 months ago
How many of those do you know personally?
Maukora 4 months ago
I don't intend to lol :)
Kajirg 4 months ago
I'm not so sure it is.
Tekree 4 months ago
LMAO Shay, why the name change?
Vosida 4 months ago
Sleeping Beauty Disney TOMS. Do you like TOMS?
Malazragore 3 months ago
Cons will have to invent their own digital platforms.
Kajicage 3 months ago
I apologize, it's long, but it's a favorite:
Mozshura 3 months ago
Nope. REAL statistics would certainly be triple the number.
Arashinris 3 months ago
Btw she said she was married....????
Samukus 3 months ago
Lots of ground to cover. 1st, "hell" isn't
Akizahn 3 months ago
How is it off topic?
Malajinn 3 months ago
Last time.let it go and move along.
Arashijas 3 months ago
You've convinced no one.
Shakagor 2 months ago
They could always do it.

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