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918 13:5110 months ago

? Since when. A persons personal beliefs in either "god" or "science" is not an indicator of intelligence. Both sides have intelligent people in their ranks. In fact the claim you just made is unsupported by any evidence (i.e it is a fallacy or a bias that is only your opinion).

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Gardalar 9 months ago
Trump's supporters are really ok with this?
Mojas 9 months ago
I didn't know that.
Zologrel 9 months ago
One day you'll figure it out. Good luck.
Akinozuru 9 months ago
That's tough to do when you have no peers.
Mesar 9 months ago
So what makes some holy and others not?
Mauhn 9 months ago
That works as well.
Tygocage 9 months ago
Don't deflect. Smith is not in this conversation.
Kigara 8 months ago
Never lose an argument that way...
Kazrarr 8 months ago
Break the rules and you pay the price.
Nikokus 8 months ago
Holy smokes. The resemblance is uncanny.
Zolozilkree 8 months ago
Youre a 37,000 comments/year atheist. Impressive. Totally regular. :)
Kazimi 8 months ago
Is the GST included ?
Dibei 8 months ago
You are just pulling my leg!
Goltimuro 8 months ago
Scotch on the rocks
Tujas 8 months ago
Weapon to CONTROL masses.
Vur 7 months ago
what is a notices?
Shajas 7 months ago
You having a seizure?
Zolojin 7 months ago
Here you go Luv
Gugor 6 months ago
we need more citizens like Tom:
Kilrajas 6 months ago
You assume atheist don't operate in faith.
Fenrilar 6 months ago
Yes, a human birth is a miracle.

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