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844 06:459 months ago

You are welcome. I am thankful that you understood and accepted my apology.

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Mazudal 9 months ago
Yes, it is in fact true
Mara 8 months ago
Got to love Chun Li
Arar 8 months ago
I don't believe in anything.
Yogal 8 months ago
What if they are sniches ? :P
Taukora 8 months ago
And yet it happens.
JoJozuru 7 months ago
Nice pack name. I'm glad to join your pac
Mezigis 7 months ago
But in some matters
Bram 7 months ago
Then people in your community are bias as well.
Vikora 7 months ago
Your anecdotes establish nothing of importance.
Daijin 7 months ago
Is that even correct English?
Meztirisar 7 months ago
All she needs is a helping hand.
Jushura 6 months ago
interesting take on the matters.
Kagamuro 6 months ago
You a hawt mess booboo.
Sharamar 6 months ago
have fun with work- it pays the bills.
Tushakar 5 months ago
Can you explain how he met the criteria below:
Vojar 5 months ago
Bull! It deters repeated crimes.
Kagajas 5 months ago
How about Heather Heyer?
Akigul 5 months ago
? So it?s lose lose situation.
Malarn 5 months ago
Not as ugly as Chelsea Clinton.
Kijinn 5 months ago
Lots of love O?
Yozshugor 5 months ago
Yes he knows ....
Mem 4 months ago
I've always loved Knopfler. Best licks in the biz.

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