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329 08:1610 months ago

I'm guessing that metallic hydrogen has high magnetic qualities. Can't say I know much about it. Kind of an exotic material I'm thinking. Something that could be found in conditions of high temps and compression but just short of the point of fusion. Maybe make quite a light show if some stinker were to drop a fission bomb on it?

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Yorg 10 months ago
Can you show me where God commissioned these acts?
Fenrikree 10 months ago
You are aware the Trump loves you...right?
Vogar 10 months ago
And you know this how?
Datilar 9 months ago
Sure!! Can you dance??
Nimuro 9 months ago
Screen name checks out
Zushura 9 months ago
Have you visited India before
Basho 9 months ago
I'm not "demanding" anything.
Jukora 9 months ago
What are the true premises?
Mugrel 8 months ago
I believe he hates all religions equally
Zoloshura 8 months ago
This looks like a job for........
Togami 8 months ago
That's kind of what heritage means, though.
Kajin 8 months ago
You say much, but nothing at all.
JoJolkree 8 months ago
Did/does religion hinder scientific development?
Yolkis 7 months ago
Lol.. causing trouble is fun but, I am taken.??
Samull 7 months ago
No wonder they're reaching out to Russia.
Kazirr 7 months ago
Excluding cnn and others from meetings for starters.
Tozilkree 7 months ago
Lets see: content free "That's BS".
Vudot 7 months ago
I second that motion.
Malalar 7 months ago
Well hell. There it is.
Mezigami 6 months ago
What is the topic here? Check and get back.
Kazilabar 6 months ago
Forever trusting who we are.....
Mooguk 6 months ago
But, but, but, this is just normal.
Dokus 6 months ago
What did you say about Islam?
Bralkis 6 months ago
Well..they ARE silver...but most people buy Maples...
Gor 6 months ago
Go crying to your moderator, limpdyk....
Kekinos 6 months ago
Plus he was a degenerate drunk.
Goltimi 6 months ago
Dieu ne pactise pas avec les hommes.
Fenrilar 5 months ago
the problem isn't nationwide...its in several major cities....

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