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36 11:307 months ago

You?re right, I had to take a nap from your hilarity.

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Moogukasa 6 months ago
was that rabbit on crack or what?
Fauhn 6 months ago
The Bible is written by men, not God.
Tuzilkree 6 months ago
We speak American here.
Doramar 6 months ago
Dan's new company car...
Dagal 6 months ago
I'll make you a deal. As soon as
Tezuru 6 months ago
because today is monday ....LOl
Nell 6 months ago
We..? Are you a Chicagoan?
Voodook 5 months ago
I love the intro to that movie.
Togal 5 months ago
Define being then.the zygote is alive and human.
Jutaxe 5 months ago
I know I am bad----
Kajijind 5 months ago
Filthy piece of crap
Akinokinos 5 months ago
Pffftttt... wasn?t that funny anyway.. no worries.
Yolkis 4 months ago
Dirt nap - luv it
Nikasa 4 months ago
lol this is too funny.
Dailrajas 4 months ago
By moving to California
Shat 4 months ago
ANYTHING that takes PRIORITY in your life is like
Vojin 4 months ago
Guess we will see if the DA does anything.
Dirg 3 months ago
Yes i do mate.??????????????
Voodoole 3 months ago
He did not say that.
Akinogor 3 months ago
I agree. You lied.
Bazshura 2 months ago
member wall, got anything open to the public?
Kazisho 2 months ago
Good thing there is no such thing.

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