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It's always good to push yourself a bit though :p I find it easier to talk to people online but I feel like o know the people in person better

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Brarr 6 months ago
Of course I don't what?
Mejora 6 months ago
I just did, two posts up.
Fekus 6 months ago
Thanks...I stand with you.
Zululrajas 6 months ago
Yet Muslims hold their hate filled Al Quds day.
Shaktijar 6 months ago
Unconditional love. Wisdom. Fellowship.
Arashiktilar 6 months ago
That sounds like a terrible problem.
Nijinn 6 months ago
Dancing through the tulips
Tolmaran 5 months ago
couldn't you be doing a plethora of things?
Vukazahn 5 months ago
Do you actually understand how Jesus death saves us?
Shajind 5 months ago
Yeah, this is going to recount!
JoJokasa 5 months ago
What About Baby Jane?
Yokazahn 5 months ago
That is why we read what you write.
Nirn 5 months ago
There is no God. Simple.
Faurr 4 months ago
Good words and pertinent to the topic.
Kajigor 4 months ago
was that rabbit on crack or what?
Yozshugor 4 months ago
Reverend Jim Jones - Why?
Megami 4 months ago
You are so very welcome beautiful!
Nilar 3 months ago
what the f*ck is this
Doulkree 3 months ago
LMFAO????????my mouth dropped open??????
Vudogore 3 months ago
Which assumes that god has a plan
Nazil 3 months ago
Just the sound of the sirens getting closer ...
Faule 3 months ago
Hey, no one is making them.
Kagagore 2 months ago
What are you hot about?
Gora 2 months ago
you are as wrong as it gets.
Tami 2 months ago
So that explains the REAL reason
Shagal 2 months ago
Cheers. Glad to see you can still get around.
Zuludal 2 months ago
No company "Wants" to ...
Telabar 2 months ago
Actually I am presenting the facts.
Felkree 1 month ago
Because I have read the studies.

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