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729 13:008 months ago

Again, post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that supports your claim.

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Voodookinos 8 months ago
The nerve of them!!
Migami 8 months ago
"The actions are fascist in nature."
Shakalabar 8 months ago
Post your address AND answer my question first, wimp.
Zolole 7 months ago
Was it by your choice?
Mugul 7 months ago
So, if the OT commandments from God against homosexuality
Shaktinris 7 months ago
Who?s this cutie pie?
Dojind 7 months ago
He present now. Same age with oil.
Taugor 7 months ago
Where are you seeing this stuff?
Vut 7 months ago
Yeah. That's exactly what I argued.
Gujar 7 months ago
Lol she?s a hoarder
Tekus 6 months ago
Excluding cnn and others from meetings for starters.
Fenrigrel 6 months ago
Enough all ready.???? ??????
Toshura 6 months ago
Remember when Obama was president?
Sakora 6 months ago
Maybe I didn't make myself clear.let me try again:
Tak 6 months ago
That is left to you to decide.
Dukinos 5 months ago
You are hopeless. Explaining sarcasm kills the fun.
Vugore 5 months ago
Why would God need a wife?
Tausida 5 months ago
Bull! It deters repeated crimes.
Taran 5 months ago
Hey Gul how are you.

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